Monday, July 20, 2009

61/365 FIRE... BLAH!!!!

So, before I moved to California, I was mostly worried about earthquakes... turns out a much bigger natural disaster threat here is fire.
This one blew up today a bit too close for comfort. It's just down the hills from us where Ojai meets Ventura, and this was the view I was treated with as I drove home today... yes, I'm heading straight for the fire, and I actually drove past it on my left. We live up over those foothills where the fire currently is burning. It makes for REALLY crappy air quality, if nothing else. Luckily for now, there is little wind and it's in a remote area, no structures threatened. We pray the wind does NOT pick up and they get it under control fast. 
We've had to close the house all up, and we don't have AC.... it was like 97 degrees today and it's a bit toasty in here, my eyes are already watering... UGH. 

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