Friday, August 21, 2009

93/365 Change...

Today we at VRCHS said good bye and good luck to a co-worker that we've all truly enjoyed working with. He fit very well into our group, and his absence will be felt sharply. But he's on to some exciting things for himself, and we are all very happy for him! Good luck in grad school at UCLA Antonio!!! It's interesting... I received the following message today from Rev. Karen Wylie:

What an exciting time to be alive on the planet! Everything is shifting and changing and we are part of that change. Everything must change; nothing remains the same. Change is good when we choose to see it that way. Change is coming individually and collectively. In each and every moment, you are becoming. What you are becoming is your choice and your choice alone. Your life experience is not up to someone else. It is up to you.

This may seem like a big responsibility and some of us would perhaps like to turn it over to someone else rather than take personal responsibility; but whether you are conscious of it or not, your life is in your hands. You can make it glorious or you can make it Hell on earth.

It's time to stop blaming someone else for why our life isn't working. It's time to let go of our self-destructive patterns and wake up to who we truly are as powerful, creative geniuses. We cannot continue to hide out and deny our power and perfection. It is time to step into our greatness in a whole new way -- unafraid to be seen and heard or to reveal who we truly are. The truth is our life is not determined by our history. It is determined by the choices we make in each moment. We can change everything by simply making a different choice -- a choice that promotes love on the planet.
~ Rev. Karen Wylie

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