Monday, November 16, 2009

181/365 Sunrise

This was the sunrise today on what I have come to regard as MY mountains. They live in MY backyard after all.

I made what may be a very crazy decision today. I offered my photography services (such as they are) free of charge to my coworkers for a one-time deal for the holidays. I really want to build my portfolio and get some experience, but no one will hire me if they can't see the kind of shots I can take! So... here I go! I've already got two families and a few singles with pets and one couple lined up! I'm reading a LOT about posing people, so I have a launch pad, but I'm pretty personable... and I think that's key. Making the people feel comfortable and relaxed... looking forward to the challenge!
I was also reminded that I need to bring my camera with me ALWAYS!!!! Today on the way home from work there was a bunch of trees on fire right next to the freeway and I didn't have my camera!!!!

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  1. Hey!! Way to go! I have a few people who have asked me to do engagement pictures. That's a big deal!!! Good luck to you! I have a lot to learn! I really want to get into photography professionally too!