Monday, January 25, 2010

250/365 Rose Hips

Ok, so I'm sure that plenty of you know exactly what this is, and are not surprised by the sight of it. NOT ME!
I mean, I had heard of rose hips... but had no idea that they actually came from a rose bush and that it was a fruit! I was pretty excited when I saw this little guy after all our rain last week... I want to eat it, just to see what it tastes like, supposed to be really good for you.
I'll let you know.
Oh, didn't post yesterday because I had a WILD day. Took the photo, but no time to post. Now playing a little catch up!


  1. Can't it eat it raw! You need to gather masses of them and turn them into wine.

  2. Well, since I only have the one, I may just have to be satisfied with photos!
    Wine... that sounds really interesting! I'd love to try that someday...