Thursday, May 21, 2009

1/365 Getting Smogged...

This is just one fact of life here in Cali. No one told me that I'd have to pay SALES TAX on my car when I brought it over here 3.5 years ago, and no one told me about getting a smog check before you can register a car here either. You have to repeat this every 3 years...
The poor Jeep did not pass this time, so now it is spending the day there to diagnose it's emission leak. I actually started this process yesterday, and you know how when something goes wrong with your car, it sort-of engulfs your day? Yeah, that's what's going on today...


  1. Great start, Vikki, and I love your theme! It's a great idea. You are very cool.

  2. Thanks Myrna!
    The idea actually came from my niece Ashley who has a friend who's doing it too... thought it sounded like a cool challenge! I may not think it's so cool at day 200!