Tuesday, September 8, 2009

111/365 Tranquil Eyes

So, it turns out that I've developed a bit of dry eyes since moving out here. It is A LOT dryer here than I've ever experienced, at least for extended periods of time. My eye doctor gave me contacts for dry eyes, and I did some research myself. My eyes are the worst when I first wake up. Seems that my tears evaporate at night... so I found these little babies online and they are AMAZING... They're soft and comfy, most of the time I don't even realize they're on. They're like a sleeping mask with little removable soft foam pads that you moisten with distilled water, then sleep with them on... SO nice... they also came with little self-heating discs that you can put behind the foam and they warm the eyelids to stimulate the oil glands that keep the eyes moist at night. I'd recommend them to anyone. Even if you don't have dry eyes, they feel so nice on tired, puffy eyes too! Been using them about a month now... LOVE EM!

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