Wednesday, September 23, 2009

127/365 Woman As Orchid

Woman as Orchid

People say that Orchids are hard to care for,

An urban legend that swirls around those bright

Beautiful red blue orange pink yellow dark light

Flowers goddesses that

Lean and lounge sensually from every

Elite doorstep, every corporate hallway

And are so often looked past in florist's windows because

A vicious reputation precedes them.

Yet my orchids grow, wild and fair

With hardly a care from my almost-

Green hands, reaching, floating,

Dripping down their own stems

Filling the world of my room with

Such an effortless exotic grace and


Orchids are women, a female flower


Then women are orchids as well?

Women are lush, curved, open and pinked

Sometimes blooming, sometimes waiting

Catching the sunlight as it dapples in

White yellow spots on our shiny leaves,

Stems and buds.

People say that women can be hard to care for,

An urban legend that swirls around our

Long hair and pointed shoes,

Every day goddesses that

Lean and lounge and work and play

And hurt and cry and love and laugh

And try and fail and try and win and

Hope and pray and want and need and

Walk past you, day in and day out

Searching for a place or a way to set down

Our own roots, our own strength

In a world that sighs and says

"they are pretty, but too much work...I'll take

A peace lily instead."

~ Isolde

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  1. You have posted wonderful picture of flower that is appreciated. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)