Saturday, September 26, 2009

130/365 The Train

The Time Between

By Jan Jones

Treasure it, the time spent traveling

This time between roles

The time between

Slipping from one existence into another

A spider strand of no-man’s-land

The time between

You’re no-one here

Invisible, unfettered

Not pressured

Treasure it, this time spent traveling

This time between arenas

This time between.


  1. Hi there! Wow, what a surprise - this is my poem. Love the photo you've put with it, but could you let me know where you found the poem, please?

  2. ...and thanks for the compliment of using it, by the way. I'm grinning from ear to ear.

  3. Hi Jan!
    I want to thank you for writing it! I do this daily photo blog, and some days are more inspired than others. I use a lot of quotes and poems when I don't have the energy or words to describe my thoughts on the day or the photo.
    Your poem really spoke to me about how I feel when I travel! I love that feeling of disconnection, of unwinding, of being able to "be" anyone at this moment because no one knows me when I travel...

    I found it on the NY Times site here:

    Now I have to ask you how you found it on my blog?! :)

  4. Ah, I'd forgotten I sent that into the Times Online a couple of years ago. Thanks for clearing it up. Did you just bookmark it at the time? Or do a search? Really pleased you liked it anyway.

    I found you because I have Google alerts set up for my name and my books. Your reference popped up this morning and I thought, "Hold on, I recognise that!"

    I've blogged about it too